3T Rigida Stealth fork

MSRP : USD 474.00

Price : USD 474.00


Stealth RIGIDA gives riders a new color option to match the monochrome ‘stealth’ look that's appearing on lots of top-end 2012 bikes. Finish is predominantly matte black, with the familiar 3T logo and stripe rendered in high-gloss black. Otherwise identical to the regular TEAM model, Stealth RIGIDA is a lightweight, all-carbon fiber fork for race and sports bikes that shares the DNA of 3T's all-conquering FUNDA range. RIGIDA has a simplified fork-blade section compared to FUNDA. It is less aerodynamic, but has even greater lateral rigidity. RIGIDA's oval-section fork-blades taper to narrower ends than FUNDA's aerofoil blades, making the fork's appearance more conventional. Choice of tapered steerer for fitment to the latest-generation carbon-fiber framesets.


  • Weight: 340 g
  • Length: 700c
  • Steerer: 1-1/4~1-1/8; 1-1/2~1-1/8 "
  • Material: Carbon-fiber
  • Finish: UD Matte/ Hi-Gloss Black
  • Rake: 46 mm

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