3T Rigida LTD fork

MSRP : USD 599.00

Price : USD 599.00


RIGIDA is a lightweight, all-carbon fiber fork for race and sports bikes that shares the DNA of 3T's all-conquering FUNDA range. RIGIDA has a simplified fork-blade section compared to FUNDA. It is less aerodynamic, but has even greater lateral rigidity. RIGIDA's oval-section fork-blades taper to narrower ends than FUNDA's aerofoil blades, making the fork's appearance more conventional. Top model RIGIDA LTD is finished in UD Gloss Black, with silver pinstripes and 3T logo at the shoulders in white. Choice of tapered steerers for fitment to the latest-generation carbon-fiber framesets.


  • Weight: 285 g
  • Length: 700c
  • Steerer: 1-1/4~1-1/8; 1-1/2~1-1/8 "
  • Material: HM carbon-fiber
  • Finish: UD Gloss Black
  • Rake: 46 mm

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