Acros A-GE Hydraulic GearShift System - 2/3 x 10sp

MSRP : USD 1,999.00

Price : USD 1,999.00


Since the beginning of Mountain biking engineers are trying to make a bicycle as light, easy and durable as possible. During the change of brake systems to hydraulic in order to improve function, the development of shifting gear stood still sliding wires in cables ...until now! The new ACROS A-GE combines hydraulic performance with high quality German CNC engineering. It's goal is to be the lightest most powerful and most exclusive shifting system on the market. Lighter means faster. Reliable performance in a capsuled system at every time. Ride the new A-GE Experience the new AGE because shifting is not only changing gears.

Thumb Shifter
Pushing the shifter forward changes gears with linear force.
Tilt the TS paddle to invert the hydraulic circuit and therefore the shifting direction from up to down.

65 g

Front Derailleur
The trapezoidal movement of the A-GE FD allows us to built a super compact front derailleur. Its out and forward / in and backward motion provides maximum performance at an unrivaled weight.

79 g

Rear Derailleur
The trapezoidal movement of the A-GE rear derailleur fits your chain line in any gear. This unique action allows you to shift up and down up to 3 gears at once. The hydraulic rear derailleur is compatible to 8x, 9x and 10x.

159 g

Acros A-GE Thumb Shifters
  • ONE FOR ALL: Push the A-GE TS shifter forward ton change up to 3 gears UP AND DOWN at once.
  • INTUITIVE SHIFTING: Pushing the A-GE TS paddle on it's bottom changes the oil flow and therefore the shifting direction.
  • SEAMLESS PIPE The hydraulic pipes contains the mineral oil to act as direct force between shifter, front or rear derailleur. Capsuled, protected and without friction the hydraulic system is maintenance free. 
  • UNI - FORCE Shifting force and direction stay linear! This makes shifting a whole new experience. Tilting the thumb paddle inverts the hydraulic circuit and therefore the shifting direction from up to down. 
  • MY - MOVE The specialdesigned clamp gives you various possibilities to mount your SHIFTERS. MatchMakerTM compatibility is available, too. 
  • THE RASTER ROD  Provides force feedback upon your shift command. Just change the ROD to go from 8 to 9 or 10 speed. 
  • ULTIMATE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN  German engineering and latest CNC technology provide minimum tolerances and ensure superior function at an unrivaled weight. 
  • FIRM UNIT DESIGN Minimum tolerances and 29 thrust ball bearings provide maximum stiffness and functionality.

Acros A-GE Manual

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