Corima Aero+ MCC Wheelset

MSRP : $5,225.00
Price : USD 5,220.00
The full carbon wheelset (including the spokes) "made by CORIMA" has a unique design* with the most innovative** technical specification. Both the front and the rear AERO+MCC wheels are built with only 12 carbon spokes. The AERO+ MCC wheels will truly be the "Stars" of your bike!

  1. Carbon hub with 3K carbon fibers. Hub with an integrated steel toothed ring for an increased resistance.
  2. Low friction high precision annular bearings (steel).
  3. Front axle "Featherweight" system. Light aluminum rear axle.
  4. New cassette body with a different pawls setting. Cassette body for Campagnolo, Shimano 11 speed or Sram-Shimano 8/9/10 speed
  5. Light aerodynamic MCC carbon rim with the 2D concept.
  6. Integrated magnet in front and rear rims.
  7. Conical carbon spoke, TOP system (Total Optimized Propulsion) reinforced strength.
The most appropriate, high performance carbon fiber is used to provide the AERO+ MCC carbon wheel with excellent rotational inertia without sacrificing its strength. A brand new Carbon Fiber layering technique has allowed CORIMA to create the AERO+ MCC carbon wheels with the minimum number of spokes for improved aerodynamics and lateral stiffness that is far higher than any other competitor's*** wheels.

The exceptional quality of these carbon spokes reduces the ground drift while riding and improves your performance. Riding CORIMA AERO+ MCC wheelset is pure pleasure! The pleasure of feeling light when climbing, of being faster than ever on flat roads and of being oh so responsive in the sprints !

  • wheel weight (f/r): 460g / 620g
  • rim material: carbon
  • rim (h/w): 22.6mm / 47mm
  • rim type: tubular
  • rim finish: carbon
  • number of spokes (f/r): 12 / 12
  • spokes material: carbon
  • spokes type: round
  • nipples material: n/a
  • hub material (f/r): carbon
  • hub spacing(f/r): 100mm / 130mm
  • hub bearings: sealed bearings
  • hub finish(f/r): carbon
  • cassette type: Campagnolo / Shimano / SRAM
  • cassette compatibility: 9 / 10 / 11