Kask Infinity Aero Helmet

MSRP : USD 299.00

Price : USD 299.00

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The helmet Infinity, top level of the KASK range, high performance and aerodynamic. Designed in collaboration with Team Sky, Infinity can ensure both the maximum aerodynamics and speed when fully closed is good ventilation when fully or partially open. The vents open and close it with a wave of his hand by adjusting the aerator cabinet located on the helmet.

  • Divider soft side and spacers provide added comfort.
  • The chin strap faux leather hypoallergenic and washable, prevents irritation and enhances the fit.
  • The reinforcing frame protects from minor impact and makes it one of the safest helmets in its class.
  • The controller Octo Fit ergonomic and lightweight, ensures a snug fit to any type of neck.

WEIGHT: 260 grams (size M CE standard) AVAILABLE IN SIZES: M - 48-58 cm - 18-7 / 8 - 22-7 / 8 Inches L - 59-62 cm - 23-3 / 8 - 24-1 / 2 Inches

3D dry
padding three-dimensional 3d dry based on the methodology of multi-layer construction with open cells: high technology for maximum comfort and performance.

Control Aero
Shell extremely aerodynamic and performance tested in the wind tunnel capable of offering a coefficient of air penetration and very beneficial to ensure a flow of air is always in line with the helmet, the head take any position.

bag holder.

inner padding in Coolmax fabric consists of two layers and an open cells filter, removable and washable.

Maximum comfort for cyclists when wearing a helmet and fasten the strap does not have to make further efforts: the divider side should not be regulated because in fact its ergonomic shape allows it to adapt to any type of head and ensure wide radius of space to ensure maximum freedom of movement and excellent ventilation.

ECO Chinstrap
The eco-leather chinstrap is non-allergenic and washable. Soft to the touch, prevents skin irritation and adjustable in length, improves the comfort of the fit.

elaio reinforcement for greater mechanical strength. In case of a collision prevents the breaking of the helmet in parts.

in molding
technology "in-molding", joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer shell polycarbonate, provides a greater ability to absorb shocks.

Technology MIT, applies to all models of the cycling KASK, provides greater security and complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate roof of the dome on top, ring the perimeter of the base and back.

micrometer wheel loader for a great fit
and toe links ergonomic skeletal designed to ensure the best fit and maximum lightness
nuchal oscillating bearings fitted with internal gel for maximum comfort, designed to ensure a swing of 180° ensures a snug fit to any type of neck.

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