Look Keo Blade Aero Pedals

MSRP : USD 399.00

Price : USD 399.00

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By stiffening the pedal’s body and improving the air flow around the pedal, the Kéo Blade Carbon Aero allows significant power gains when at an elevated speed, whilst keeping all the advantages of the Kéo Blade.

The new concept of the Keo Blade Carbon is based on a carbon blade spring, which provides a 30% higher linear spring tension feeling than the 2009 Keo Carbon. The result is a more positive spring rate feeling, allowing a more distinct entry and release. These advantages make the pedal very secure, allowing the removal of the spring tension adjustment. However to satisfy all cyclists, 2 different spring tension blades are available for the Keo Blade : 12, which will suit most cyclists, and 16 for racers seeking even higher tension.

For an even more efficient pedal and greater stability, the Keo Blade Carbon Aero has a pedal platform that is 31% larger in surface area, and more importantly, 17 % wider than a Keo Carbon. To further improve power transmission and to extend the pedal’s service life, the platform now features an over-moulded stainless steel plate in the body of the pedal.

The use of the Blade concept, combined with a new material injected with longer carbon fibres allows us to maintain a weight of 120 g, while still improving its strength and durability. This new material blend uses carbon fibres of over 10mm in length, where previous bodies were limited to only 1mm to 2mm.

Special attention was paid to reliability: very durable body, bi-injected lever, a new STAINLESS STEEL platform area, a new oversized axle and triple bearings make this pedal an extremely safe and durable pedal.
• Bi-injected lever : the lever’s two materials have very specific roles: one brings an excellent mechanical behaviour, while the other reduces cleat friction.
• Axle Technology : The new oversized Keo Blade Carbon axle maintains a minimum overall stack height. It is composed of 2 miniature roller bearings (12 mm interior x 18 mm exterior) and a needle bearing.
LOOK axles are only validated for production after a rotational test of 1 million cycles at 100 rpm, with a load of 90kg on the centre of the pedal, as well as an off-centre rotation (which creates a shock at each rotation). This test is more stringent than the most demanding standard currently enforced: EN14781.
Dual seals ensure a very long service life of the roller bearings.

Keo Blade Carbon Aero axle threads are now 14mm in length. This allows a Q-Factor adjustment an additional 2mm using a specific spacer, available as a spare part. It can increase the Q Factor measurement from 53 to 55mm (Ref : DTPD/0153100).

  • Compressed carbon shell improving the pedal's aerodynamics
  • A carbon compressed blade replaces the traditional retention spring
  • The largest pedaling surface on the market
  • The Carbon Blade offers a more secure and positive cleat entry/release
  • First pedal specifically designed for triathlon and TT
  • 12 or 16 retention blades available

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