Mad Fiber carbon clincher wheelset

MSRP : $3,100.00
Price : USD 2,899.00
The days of choosing between lightweight, aero or durable wheels are over—Mad Fiber wheels deliver everything. Light weight. Aerodynamic performance. Durability and strength.

A Mad Fiber clincher uses the same groundbreaking design structure as our world-renowned tubular wheels. Its individual parts are effectively welded into a singular construct, for a wheel that’s made true, and stays true.

Our clinchers use an aluminum tire seat, because aluminum is the right material for the job. We can make it extremely light, and it holds up better than carbon when it comes to containing the very high pressure of clincher tire bead forces and dissipating brake heat. The result is a composite wheel with a more desirable balance of weight and strength than any other carbon clincher on the market—no rider weight limits, no tire pressure restrictions, no rim failures from heat buildup, and more consistent braking performance in extreme conditions.

Aside from the alloy tire seat, Mad Fiber clinchers use the same proprietary design as our tubular wheels—deep—aero rims with tensioned sidewalls that provide a smooth load path from the rim bed to the five-ply carbon spokes, which are securely anchored at the hub to create an optimized, tensioned structure.

The result of all this engineering prowess: A wheelset that accelerates with incredible snap, with an aggressively aero profile for more top-end speed and less power needed over the long haul.

Five-ply carbon spokes are effectively welded at both ends with thermally activated aerospace adhesive, rated at 6,000psi shear strength.

An aluminum alloy rim bed provides thermal stability under extreme braking, and reduces bulk at the rim’s most aerodynamically critical point—the tire/rim interface.

  • wheel weight (f/r): 562g / 761g
  • rim material: aluminum/carbon
  • rim (h/w): (f) 60mm / 20mm, (r) 66mm / 20mm
  • rim type: clincher
  • rim finish: carbon
  • number of spokes (f/r): 12 / 18
  • spokes material: carbon
  • spokes type: aero
  • nipples material: n/a
  • hub material (f/r): carbon
  • hub spacing(f/r): 100mm / 130mm
  • hub bearings: sealed
  • hub finish(f/r): carbon
  • cassette type: Campagnolo / SRAM
  • cassette compatibility: 9 / 10 / 11