NeilPryde Bayamo frameset

MSRP : USD 2,749.00

Price : USD 2,749.00



Time trials are often referred to as the “race of truth”. Man and machine versus the elements.

At 40km/h, 80% of the rider’s effort is battling against wind resistance, often over undulating parcours.

Grand tours, such as the Tour de France, are often won and lost in time tirals , and therefore, having the fastest machine can be the difference between winning the tour or standing on the second step.

After a successful collaboration on the award winning ALIZE and DIABLO, NEILPRYDE partnered again with BMW Group DesignworksUSA on the biggest engineering and design challenge the teams had undertaken – the BAYAMO.

The resulting design was developed using sophisticated computational fluid dynamic simulations, extensive wind tunnels testing, and feedback from the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team’s TT specialists. specialists.The BAYAMO incorporates many unique features found in aerodynamic theory, composite engineering and ergonomics.

Concepts, developed and tested during the evolution of the ALIZE, shaped the design of the unique Kamm tail aerofoil applied to the BAYAMO. A traditional aerofoil profile performs well at narrow yaw angles, but is inefficient at the wider yaw angles of up to 30° experienced by a rider during time trials and triathlons. The narrow profile and long trailing edge of a traditional aerofoil are also structurally unsuitable for withstanding the dynamic forces of a powerful rider.

1300g (M frame only)

NeilPryde Bayamo Geometry

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