Rotor 3D XC2 MTB Double CrankSet

MSRP : USD 400.00

Price : USD 539.00

crank length*


These special cranks from Rotor were designed with the racer in mind. The '3D' name comes from their robust looking crank arms which undoubtedly make any bike look more sporty and aggressive. Rotor wanted cranks that would be stiff enough for rider's looking for the ultimate in performance. The crank arms receive a special machining treatment - Trinity Drilling System - which drills out three long cavities in each arm. The result is a massive weight reduction without jeopardizing the stiffness. Furthermore, Rotor reduces the Q-Factor to an astounding 163mm!*Lengths: 170, 172.5, & 175mm *BCD: 110/74*Spindle: Steel or Titanium Note: Bottom Bracket & Chainrings not included

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