Rotor Power crankset

MSRP : USD 2,400.00

Price : USD 2,159.00

crank length*chainring*


Revolutionize your training with ROTOR POWER. ROTOR’s patented POWER meter crankset will improve your training quality and experience. And at just 30g more than the standard 3D+ MAS crank, it’s probably the lightest power measurement option out there.

The POWER brings scientic knowledge to the road by combining two proven products: ROTOR’s 3D+ crank and the respected Mep lab power measurement system by AIP. with this rich heritage, it’s clear that the ROTOR POWER isn’t just “any old power meter”. The POWER is in fact two, super-accurate, independent power meters - one left, one right. This gives you quality data no other system can provide:

  • Individual left & right “power balance” measurement.
  • Independent positive and negative power output. unsurpassed accuracy due to symmetrical crank deformation with 8 strain gauges (no need for extensive calculus or data filtering).
  • ANT+ compatibility.• Easy battery replacement.
  • Standard Micro Adjust Spider (MAS) for fne-tuning your Q-Ring position.
  • 30 mm UBB axle design will allow it to be installed on almost any bike – regardless of its 24 or 30mm BB system.]]with useful, functional information, this is the power measurement product we’ve all been waiting for.

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