Sarto Tenax 650B frameset

MSRP : $4,500.00
Price : USD 4,499.00
A custom full-suspended bike for cross country and marathons
First design in the world of a full-suspension 27.5" frame constructed with the lamination method. The frame, designed and produced entirely in Italy, originated from the need to make a perfectly custom full-suspended bike for cross country and marathons. Thanks to the special “four bar linkage” progressive suspension, the frame offers superior performance even on the most demanding routes, while maintaining a good balance between shock absorbing efficiency and perceived comfort. The rear wheel travel is 100 mm, using a 165 mm shock absorber.

Another decisive factor was the correct positioning of the main pivot and coupling between the chainstays and dropouts. Thanks to the proper balance between these two links, the instant centre becomes mobile and, through an in-depth study of the kinematics suspension, the centre of rotation prevents the onset of the Squat or Bobbing even with low gears. The pedal kick back is also considerably reduced, whose variations remain minimal even with high gears.

Particular attention was even focused on every aspect related to parts: the right dropout is predisposed for a calliper with a post mount attachment for a 160 mm disc. The bottom bracket is a symmetric press-fit 89.5 mm type. The dropouts are predisposed for thru axles that are compatible with the Sintace system. Finally, the derailleur support can be selected for use with a down swing cable tie or for a direct mount down swing.

Another advantage
  • the correct positioning of the main pivot and coupling between the chainstays and dropouts

Superior performance
  • thanks to the special "four bar linkage" progressive suspension


  • Weight: 1850 g (not ISP and raw)
  • Stiffness value: 110 N/mm
  • Outer lamination: 3 K
  • Inner lamination: HR40/M30
  • Gear derailleur cables guide Internal
  • PRESS FIT 89,5 bottom braket
  • Disk brake hanger Post Mount
  • Head tube 1" 1/8 - 1" 1/2
  • System R 142x12 mm bolt thru axel
  • Rear wheel travel 100 mm
  • Shock 165 mm

  • Custom made
  • Lefty head tube