XLAB Aero TT cage and bottle hydration system

MSRP : USD 65.00

Price : USD 65.00


Slick smooth and aero describes this hydration system! Take the lead by shaving off those precious seconds with the XLAB Aero TT Cage and Bottle. With a unique design meant to slice through the wind and lower air resistance, the XLAB Aero TT cage and bottle combo will be sure to cut down on both weight and time. twohubs.com is the premier retailer for all XLAB products.


  • Save up to 20 seconds off 40km TT/Tri
  • 25% Less Drag than round bottles
  • Special XLAB Hi-Grip Deep Pocket cage
  • Material: Taste free. BPA Free Polyethylene
  • Weight: Bottle 90 grams, Cage 29 grams. Total 119 grams

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