Deda Elementi Logo Tape

MSRP : USD 9.00-15.00

Price : USD 11.00



Deda Elementi is a point of view... a state of mind.

In a world becoming more and more banal and conventional, Deda Elementi clearly asserts its own way of thinking about and designing components for competition bicycles.

Whether you step out from your home to participate in Milano-Sanremo, or just to go for a ride with your friends, Deda Elementi produces handlebars, stems and other components for your bicycle with exactly the same care and passion.We take components seriously, and we put the very same experience and engineering into the components for champions like Lance Armstrong, Jan Ulrich, Paolo Bettini, as we do for the most important bike in the world: yours.

Within the Deda Elementi product line is the full experience of people who, for the past ten years, have worked every day, side by side, with professional riders and mechanics from the most successful teams in the world.

You find advanced materials, innovative design, time-tested shapes, all the integrity and heritage of a company that provides answers to the demands of winners.

  • Synthetic tape is comfortable and holds up well to weather
  • Microcellular structure on ribbon surface for great grip

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