KCNC Razor Disc Brake Rotor

MSRP : USD 25.00

Price : USD 24.00

size - rotor*


Razor rotors push the limits of what a stainless steel rotor can be. By utilizing such a common and reliable material, KCNC has created an inexpensive and durable disc brake rotor that is also very lightweight. This minimalistic yet stylish design safely uses as little material as possible to achieve weights that are normally reserved for rotors manufactured from more exotic materials.

KCNC doesn't cut corners in the manufacturing process. Each rotor is precision machined with double ground, perfectly parallel braking surfaces. Subtle laser cut logos adorn the rotors' arms.


  • Weight: 140 mm - 62 grams
  • Weight: 160 mm - 74 grams
  • Weight: 180 mm - 95 grams
  • Material: stainless steel

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