Arundel Mandible cage

MSRP : USD 70.00

Price : USD 69.00



Holding onto a bottle is pretty important in water bottle cage design (erm, that's its sole purpose) and the Mandible does it well. The sexy curves belie the inherent strength of the Mandible. How can anything so seemingly fragile be so strong, you ask? Because the shape of the arms allows for a smaller cross section, but provides 40% more bottle grabbing power than other cages; more strength, smaller package. It's tough enough for any type of use, including mountain bike, triathlon style brackets, and cobble-esque road riding.

Even with the added strength, Arundel built the Mandible light by adding a foam core to the construction. Some lightweight cage designs cut out the center portion of the cage in the pursuit of saving a few grams. But when a bottle is inserted, the lower edge can catch on the lower mounting bolt, making an otherwise simple task frustrating. The Mandible's seamless trough prevents this and allows the bottle to slide home without disruption.

The Mandible can handle whatever you have in mind, be it mountain bike racing, triathlon bracket use, or attaching it to your armchair for a TDF watching marathon.


  • material: carbon with foam core
  • colors:
    • Gloss 3K
    • Matt 3K
    • Oil Slick
    • Oil Slick Matte
    • Wet White
  • weight: 28g

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