Campagnolo Super Record brakes

MSRP : USD 374.00

Price : USD 374.00

brake - type*


For a fast descent you need a safe and reliable braking system that is powerful and adjustable.

The Super Record system guarantees shorter braking distance and complete control of breaking power thanks to our Skeleton™ arm design and new brake pads.

In its standard version Campagnolo® offers the classic front brake Dual Pívot and rear brake Mono Pívot design to provide maximum braking power modulation. But for those looking for the maximum braking power, even at the rear, Campagnolo® offers the rear brake Dual Pívot option.


  • CENTRAL FULCRUM WITH BEARING SYSTEM: braking modulatation, reliability, and performance consistently maintained over time.
  • EXCLUSIVE BRAKE PAD COUPLING/UNCOUPLING SYSTEM: fast and secure brake pad replacement.
  • SPECIAL COMPOUND: reduction of braking distance in both dry and wet conditions - longer brake pad and braking track life
  • SKELETON BRAKE ARMS: no-bend arms, modularity, reduced weight
  • FRONT/REAR DIFFERENTIATED BRAKING: lighter rear brake - greater braking power modulation
  • DUAL PIVOT FRONT/REAR VERSION: enhanced rear braking


  • brake-pad height adjustment ratio: 40/50 mm (measured from brake fixing-bolt to brake-shoe-nut)
  • ball bearings
  • light alloy and titanium hardware
  • brake pads orbital adjustment
  • lightened rear brake
  • skeletonized arms
  • special pad compound
  • optional: front and rear dual-pivot brake

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