Campagnolo Bullet Ultra crankset

MSRP : USD 894.00

Price : USD 894.00

crank length*chainring*


Streamlined cranks in unidirectional carbon fiber: makes for a light and stiff crankset that maximizes power transfer to the road with unparalleled aerodynamics. 

Full carbon fiber spider: the unique shape of the chainring mount is specifically designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency while also increasing the overall stiffness of the crankset.

XPSS™: Exclusive design of the eight up-shift zones and two down-shift zones of the chainring. The specific profile of the teeth and the zones dedicated to upward and downward chain movement enables fast and precise shifting in all conditions

Power-Torque bottom bracket: System with single axle designed to maximize stiffness and power transfer.

USB™ Technology: USB™ ceramic ball bearings reduce friction, guaranteeing maximum smoothness and resistance to corrosion and wear; they maintain consistent performance over time. 

  • Chainrings available: 34/50 - 36/52 - 39/53
  • Lengths available: 170 - 172.5 - 175

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