Campagnolo Shamal Ultra tubular wheel set

MSRP : $1,600.00
Price : USD 1,229.00
Shamal Ultra wheels have always been known for their excellent performance, but Campagnolo has managed to make them even better by reducing their weight and improving their running smoothness.

This has been achieved by a new production process that reduces the thickness of the rims but not the well-known strength of Campagnolo wheels. As for smooth riding, Shamal Ultra wheels are now fitted with USB ceramic bearings that improve smoothness, extend the wheels' life time and further reduce their weight. The wheel hubs will still be made of carbon fibre with aluminium flanges.
The new features are accompanied by new, feisty graphics.

Shamal Ultra wheels are available in a single, black-colored version.

  • oversize light-alloy axles
  • welded joint and machined sides
  • carbon and aluminum hub bodies
  • selected rims
  • rim with toroidal milling
  • differentiated front-rear rims
  • G3 geometry (rear)
  • variable section stainless steel aero spokes
  • aluminum nipples
  • ultra linear geometry
  • oriented spoke holes
  • dynamic balancing
  • oversize right-hand rear flange
  • cup and cone bearings
  • undrilled top bridge
  • standardised front-rear bearings
  • variable section aluminum aero spokes
  • standardised front-rear bearings
  • new quick-releases
  • monolithic FW body
  • Cup and cone USB bearings, standardisedfront-rear, ceramic 4x15 balls 5/32"

1,415 g
  • wheel weight(f/r): 610g/815g
  • rim material: aluminum
  • rim (h/w): 24mm/20mm / 28mm/20mm
  • rim type: tubeless
  • rim finish: aluminum
  • number of spokes (f/r): 16 / 21
  • spokes material: aluminum
  • spokes type: aero
  • nipples material: aluminum
  • hub material (f/r): cabron
  • hub spacing(f/r): 100mm / 130mm
  • hub bearings: USB bearings
  • hub finish(f/r): black
  • cassette type: Campagnolo
  • cassette compatibility: 9 / 10 / 11