Santana Moda Shimano Deore XT II Complete Bike

MSRP : USD 2,000.00

Price : USD 1,975.00



Although we weren’t aggressively pursuing single bike productions, our off-road racing experience (including 1988 NORBA National and World titles), our reputation as the world’s most experienced fillet brazer, and our long-standing design relationship with Columbus of Italy made us uniquely eligible to showcase their newest product – Nivacrom MAX tubing. In this burgeoning ATB marketplace, we were curious why so many companies didn’t understand that superior performance through oversize diameter in the heart of the next generation of racing bicycles. From years of tandem building, we know that bikes ride better when you up-spec tubing diameters. When Columbus developed MAX tubing, we couldn’t pass us the opportunity to design a racing mountain bike that weight 25 pounds, is as stiff or stiffer that the best aluminum ATB’s, yet retains the resiliences of steel without using a fragile, short-lived ultralight tubeset.

Move aside Tange Super Prestige and Reynold 753, a new lightweight champion is born. Columbus of Italy desighed MAX Nivacrom tubing as the ultimate competition tubeset. Columbus Nivacrom is brand new metallurgy, no just another heat-treated chromoly tubeset. It heralds a new super-breed of steels with 30% higher tensile strength than the best reworked chromolys. Its larger diameters increase strength and durability. Its superior strength allows drawing to super-thin gauges, reducing weight and boosting performance further. And by drawing (not squashing) this exceptional tubing into ovalized cross-sections, and then orienting the oval profiles according to the axes of active and passive riding stresses, a stiffer, lighter, stronger, and surer-handling bicycle can be built. You’ll feel the difference within the first few yards.

They’ve landed! Take a test flight on the next generation of racing mountain bikes. Even if you don’t race, you’ll appreciate the MODA’s lightning response. Beyond the glowing neon frame and frok lies Shimano’s new Deore XT-II group with 7-speed hyperglide shifting and two finger SLR dual-cantilever braking. A carbon fiber seatpost, Santana-designed 26" Matrix Iso-C rims, and Specialized ground control "S" 600g racing tires give finishing touches to an already outstanding machine.

Colors: (All neons) Orange, Lime, Pink, & Blue
Sizes: 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", & 22"

(Moda mountain bikes come in shocking, ultra-bright neons. Because printing technology does not accurately depict the true impact of these colors, you’ll need to use your wildest imagination.)

Although there are no new revelations in these specifications, the combination of MAX tubing, our geometry, our racing experience, and our design and building excellence makes the MODA perform like no ATB you’ve ever ridden.

  • cranks: Shimano Deore XT II 175mm
  • chainrings: Shimano Deore XT II Bio-pace
  • bottom bracket: Shimano Deore XT II
  • brakes: Shimano Deore XT II SLR
  • shifters: Shimano Deore XT II SIS
  • derailleur - front: Shimano Deore XT II
  • derailleur - rear: Shimano Deore XT II
  • chain: Shimano Deore XT UG
  • cassette: Shimano Deore XT II 12-28
  • wheels: Shimano Deore XT II HG w/ Matrix Iso-C hard-anodized
  • tires: Panracer Smoke 26 x 2.1
  • handlebar: Santana aluminum
  • grips: Grab On MTN-2
  • stem: custom tig welded
  • headset: Shimano Deore XT II
  • seatpost: Sugino carbon
  • saddle: Selle San Marco Regal

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