MCipollini Logos frameset

MSRP : USD 5,399.00

Price : USD 5,399.00



Following around the same monocoque designs of the RB1000 and RB800, the Lógos was hand made in Italy with T700-UTS carbon fiber. This allow for a more comfortable ride quality with almost the same direct power transfer as the flag ship models. Using BB30 technology as the models above, this frame is compatible with most current 30mm spindle crankset on the market. The frame weights in at 1200 gram for a medium, allowing for a very light build for a complete bike. Compatible with both electronic and mechanical shifting systems, this frame was made to be versatile with out compromising on the weight and performance. The Lógos integrated seatube and complete carbon drop out offer both quick accelerations and a much more supple ride quality compare most carbon bikes on the market. Giving you the very best without the enormous price tag, the Lógos is a true Italian stallion.


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