Cane Creek G4 eebrake set

MSRP : USD 585.00

Price : USD 585.00


The new 2015 version of the eebrake delivers what every cyclist wants in a high-performance brake-- superior power and control in the lightest possible package. Lightweight bike parts get you up to top speed with less effort. Eventually, you will have to slow down. Whether you are flying down a twisty mountain road or with 75 of your best friends in a way tight criterium, and grab the brake lever, eebrakes will deliver real stopping power with razor sharp control.

Less than 200 grs./set w/pads. Use one finger instead of two! Experience razor sharp brake modulation.

  • Lightweight, Powerful & Precise Control
  • Rock-Solid Core. with Adjustability
  • Clean Cable Path Provides Superior Aerodynamics
  • Really Quick Release
  • Perfect Cable Alignment
  • Consistent Pad Movement
  • Change brake pads with ease

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