Fizik Arione VS Braided saddle

MSRP : USD 229.00

Price : USD 229.00



Versus is a complete range of saddles that combines fi’zi:k’s proven Spine Concept technology with a “relief zone” designed to alleviate pressure from sensitive areas – a direct response to new consumer needs.

fi’zi:k has now increased its versus range offering even lighter saddles thanks to rails made out of carbon braided: the perfect combination of comfort and lightness. 

Arione Versus Braided: the flat and narrow Arione shape meets an ergonomic channel spanning the length of the saddle.

It is available in two colour options both black and white/gloss red.

SPINE CONCEPT Spine Concept is the fi'zi:k guideline to the right saddle choice. It realizes that cyclists have varying degrees of flexibility and human flexibility affects riding behavior when cycling in a high performance position.


  • Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced
  • Rail: Carbon Braided
  • Central Cover: Black or White
  • Side Cover: Gloss White or Gloss Red
  • fi'zi:k Logo: Gloss Black or Gloss White
  • Wingflex Silver
  • Weight: 209g

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