Look Keo 2 Max

MSRP : USD 220.00

Price : USD 219.00



large and resistant cleat contact area
For a more efficient and more comfortable pedal stroke, the Kéo 2 MAX has a cleat contact surface area 12% larger than the Kéo Carbon. To further improve the transfer of power and to longevity of the pedal, this surface area is made of stainless steel molded directly into the pedal body.

lightweight: 130gr
With its 130g weight Keo 2 Max is one of the lightest pedals in its category. This is possible thanks to the use of injected carbon and composite materials, which reduce weight while maintains durability

Particular attention was focused on reliability and provided through features such as: a carbon injected pedal body, a stainless steel cleat contact area, an oversized axle with dual seals, making this a pedal built to last.

The new line of Kéo 2 MAX pedals maintains a low cleat contact height even with the use of a steel oversize axle. The pedal is built with two miniature ball bearings (12mm inner x 18mm outer diameters) and a needle roller bearing. LOOK axles are only approved once they have survived a million cycles at 100 revolutions per minute with a 90kg (198lbs) load at the center of the pedal and an eccentric rotation (replicating a bump each revolution). This test largely surpasses current standards (reference NF EN 14781).

Dual seals increase bearing longevity.

adjustable q-factor
Thanks to 14mm of threads on the new LOOK axle, the Q-factor may be extended by 2mm with the use of specific washers available separately.

Use of these specific washers results in a Q-factor of 55mm versus the original 53mm.


  • use: road - from leisure to competition
  • body: composite
  • axle: chromoly +
  • thread: 9/16 x 20 mm
  • roller bearing: 1 ball bearing, 1 needle bearing
  • axle / sole height: 15,7 mm
  • pedal spindle / crank distance: 53 mm
  • multitensor: yes- adjustable from 9 to 15
  • cleats: grey keo grip cleats
  • angular freedom: 0°, 4.5° or 9° according to type of cleat (black, grey or red)
  • pedal weight: 130 g per pedal (328 g per pair with cleats and hardware)
  • accessories: one pair grey keo grip cleats + hardware (6 screws 5 x 11 mm and 6 washers)
  • warranty: 2 years

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