MCipollini RB0.8K frameset

MSRP : USD 6,500.00

Price : USD 5,899.00



Using the same innovation as the RB1000, the RB800 was disigned as a lighter climbing version in the MCipollini lineup. Monocoque contruction with T1000, M460J carbon fiber that is 100% hand made in the Tuscany region of Italy.

  • MCipollini Carbon MonoCoque
    • MCipollini Carbon MonoCoque The monocoque MCipollini is totally handcrafted, created with lovely attention by the designer. Small traces of this accurate realization could seem imperfections for shallow eyes. They are instead the proof of the excellence that make unique and inimitable every single MCipollini’s frame.
  • The Fibers used
    • The textiles used in the construction process are pre-impregnated with epoxy resins and are subsequently inspected to ensure that the resin content is the same on all parts. Three kinds of fibers have been used to construct the frames, all with very high performance mechanical features to guarantee uncompromised aesthetics and surfaces.
  • Frame construction
    • The cut textiles are rolled in the female mold using the following procedures: - pre-defined number of layers - automatic plotter - use of templates After rolling, vacuum treatment makes the structure compact by eliminating any air between the fibres and ensuring perfect adhesion between the layers. This process, which takes place in an autoclave with a homogeneously heated mold and pre-determinated gradient ramp pressurization, guarantees perfect product cleaning in a 210 minute cycle.
  • Integrated seatpost
  • Monocoque fork with integrated drop-out
  • Special headset
    • Our Headset is special for the two different diameters: 1”1/5 bottom - 1”1/4 top


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