poc Octal AVIP Helmet

MSRP : USD 269.00

Price : USD 269.00

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The lightweight Octal helmet is engineered to be the next step in road bike helmet safety and offers optimal ventilation, comfort and low weight.

Even though it offers more coverage and increase protection thanks to an optimized and strategically partially thicker EPS liner, the weight is kept very low, sub 200 g. This is achieved thanks to the fully wrapped; unibody shell, which functions as a monocoque, that enhances the safety properties and construction integrity of the helmet.

When developing the Octal helmet, POC approached ventilation in and innovative way. Instead of using many small vents, the Octal helmet has fewer, but larger ventilation slots. This design provides a larger open surface area at the front, and in combination with the specifically designed interior, allows more air to flow through the helmet, optimizing ventilation.

The Octal helmet has and ultralight size adjustment system that will ensure a secure fit. The internal padding is made of a technical fabric, which reduces the temperature of the contact area touching the skin. Since visibility is a key factor to road bike safety, the Octal helmet comes in high visibility colors and with reflective patches.

190g (small)

  • High performance EPS liner, optimized in density
  • Superior ventilation, using the POC innovative ventilation design
  • Ultralight size adjustment system, designed with low contact area
  • Fully wrapped unibody shell, for improved protection and resistance
  • Straps molded into liner
  • Temperature regulating padding
  • Reflective patches and color combinations for high visibility
  • Eye garage keeps sunglasses securely in position when place on the helmet
  • Scannable ICE Tag**

ICE Tag **
If an accident happens and the victim is knocked unconscious, scanning the tag will allow passers-by or medical personnel to identify the victim and get correct medical information such as blood group or allergies that can be vital for correct care.

    Sizes & Weight
  • Small 54-58cm 190g
  • Medium 55-58cm 195g
  • Large 59-62cm 205g

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