Pro Vibe Di2 carbon seatpost

MSRP : USD 249.00

Price : USD 249.00



When every gram counts, there is no better seatpost than the PRO Vibe Unidirectional Carbon Seatpost. These posts are some of (if not the) lightest seatposts we've ever seen, yet are still strong enough for any road cyclist. PRO makes the post and head from a monocoque unidirectional carbon mold allowing them to save weight where ever possible.

The clamp grips your saddle rails like a vice, so your saddle is not going anywhere and the two bolts are easily accessed from the side. The PRO Vibe Carbon Seatpost uses Titanium for these bolts to shed even more weight. Found on the bikes of the Argos Shimano team, the Vibe UD Carbon post is the Pro's choice for the ultimate seatpost.


  • Monocoque UD T800 carbon construction
  • Innovative 2-bolt AL-7075 T6 Wedge-clamp system
  • Reinforced tube for optimal stiffness to weight ratio
  • Zero offset
  • Size: 27.2 x 280 / 350mm & 31.6 x 280 / 350mm
  • Colour: UD Carbon
  • Weight: from 170g

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