Prologo Scratch 2 CPC Tirox 134 Saddle

MSRP : USD 195.00

Price : USD 194.00



The Scratch 2 CPC is part of the Prologo round shape range of saddles using the CPC technologies. Increased seating area for your inner tights, better support to the pelvic zone, less seating options than the other shapes. Ideal for the cyclist that likes to keep the same position for long rides.

GRIP & Positioning
The CPC ensures perfect grip and positioning. The “design of the material CPC (multiple empty cylinders), it creates a “vacum effect”, ensuring a perfect posture and better aerodynamics. There are many advantages for the athlete: aerodynamics’, increases power while improving performance and comfort.

The CPC with its Nano-structures, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissue stress, shock, vibration and oscillation that results from continuous pedaling, this reduces muscle fatigue, improving recovery time after riding

CUSHIONING EFFECT. Thanks to the stratigically placed polymer-shaped volcanos, the elasticity absorbs all shocks and vibrations resulting from the “Roads”.

The CPC is a special 3D Polymer by the long chain molecular aggregation. It differs from all other polymers present on the market as it has the ability to absorb shock and vibration, and it will not lose its main features over time, ensuring its effectiveness in any weather conditions for a long time.

The CPC allows a continuous flow of air, improving comfort and performance in all weather conditions.


  • Size (mm): 280 x 134
  • Weight (gr): 198
  • Base: Carbon Injection Monocoque
  • Rail available: TiroX
  • Cover: Microfiber + CPC
  • Padding: Light Foam

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