Prologo Scratch Nack saddle

MSRP : USD 399.00

Price : USD 399.00



The Scratch Nack is part of the Prologo round shape range of saddles using the Nack and HWD technologies. Increased seating area for your inner tights, better support to the pelvic zone, less seating options than the other shapes. Ideal for the cyclist that likes to keep the same position for long rides.


carbon fiber HWD Base
HWD(High Weave Density), Prologo's exclusive and innovative technology, which through the application of multiply carbon layers and the utilization of special resins, permits the realization of varying thickness, density and elasticity throughout the Carbon Fiber bases.

Nack Tech
Nano carbon fiber rail. Carbon fiber, Kevlar and aluminum filaments seatpost clamp area, treated with the production porcess call Braided Carbon Rail(BDR). This is done in order to obtain "the perfect fusion" and uniformity of the serveral type of fiber and matierials. The result is a balance structure and resistant to penetration.


  • size: 278mm x 134mm
  • weight: 158g
  • materials
    • base: HWD Carbon Fiber and Kevlar
    • rail: Nack
    • cover: Lorica
    • padding: Super Light Foam
    • colors: black and white

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