Rotor BSA 30 bottom bracket

MSRP : USD 110.00

Price : USD 90.00

bb - bearing*bb - type*


Rotor's BSA30 bottom bracket allows the installation of our 3D+ BB30 cranks into a standard, threaded bottom-bracket. The BSA30 is available in black color with steel bearings or red with Enduro Grade 3 Ceramic bearings. The steel option offers a light and elegant bottom bracket at a very competitive price while the ceramic bearing options are ideal for those looking to shed every possible gram while at the same time acquiring an incredibly smooth bottom bracket. Both versions are available for road (BSA only) as well as MTB use. The ceramic versions come in at an incredible 86g, while the steels comes in at 96g (depending on size and the number of spacers needed, an extra 3 to 9 grams may be added).

The BSA30 is not compatible with BB89 or BB90 frames.


  • 30 mm external bearing BB which allow the installation of 3D+ cranks in classic BSA threaded frames.
  • Silicone seals give buttery-smooth spinning with unparalleled protection against dust, water and mud.
  • Elegant new cup design offers a sleek, modern look combining striking angles with smooth curves.
  • Two bearing options available: high-grade ceramic bearings (Enduro Grade 5) or high quality steel.
  • Not compatible with BB90 or BB86 frames.
  • Mtb and Road version available.
    • Weight:
    • Rd Steel: 96 g
    • Rd Ceramic: 86 g
    • MTB: add 3 to 9 extra grams, depending on spacers needed.

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