Rotor Q-Ring Aero chainrings

MSRP : USD 290.00

Price : USD 269.00



The best way to understand ROTOR Q-Rings unique physiological profile is to comprehend the dynamics of a cyclist's pedal stroke. The powerstroke (most powerful zone of the revolution) is where 90% of the power is exerted while the 'deadspot' is the transition zone that cycles back to the powerstroke.

The Q-Rings prolong the powerstroke and smoothly accelerate the cycle through the deadspot of the revolution. Subsequently the chainring diameter expands and shrinks in conjunction with the power dynamics of the pedal stroke therefore taking full advantage of the powerstroke (unlike traditional round chainrings). For example: The '53T' Q-Ring, is equivalent to a 51T around the upper dead spot, but as the pedal goes down and more strength is applied, the '53T' Q-Ring becomes a 56t! Studies have found that the Q-Rings provide a 3% increase in max wattage, a lower heart rate of 3-4 bpm, and ultimately a 9% decrease in Lactic Acid concentration. Additionally the Q-Rings provide a noticeable decrease in patella (knee) joint pressure for those cyclists with recurring knee injuries.

Available in various configurations for road, cyclo-cross, and mountain bikes.

Not compatible with BB30 cranks, requires upgrade to 3D+ cranks for BB30 frames.

  • Q-Rings make better use of your strongest muscles.
  • Peer-reviewed scientific research has shown that Q-Rings offer a clear increase in performance compared to round chainrings.
  • Increased speed, reduced consumption.
  • Immediate performance increase on switching from round rings to Q-Rings. And vice-versa.
  • Q-Ring feels much rounder than a round ring.
  • Q-Rings compensate for the weakest zone of the pedalling stroke and maximize use of the most powerful zone.
  • A standard crank in combination with the OCP of the Q-Rings, allows approximately 5 degrees of adjustment.
  • Professional athletes have chosen to ride Q-Rings.
  • Technology that improves your cycling.
  • ROTOR's in house manufacturing capacity and know-how offer the highest possible quality to cyclists using our products.

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