Rotor S3X Stem

MSRP : USD 179.00

Price : USD 179.00

stem length*


Just 98g in a 90mm length!

When it came time to design a new stem, the Rotor team threw everything they had at the project. The result? Our new S3x stem. Astonishingly light (less than 100g for the 90mm version), yet ridiculously strong as well. Like our S3x handlebar, the stem is tested to Germany's most demanding certifcation, the EN14766 standard. When the machine doubled the number of CE required fatigue cycles, we finally shut the testing machine off!

The S3x uses four conventional titanium bolts on the face plate for easy installation, and a single DTT bolt for the steerer clamping interface. A single DTT steerer bolt generates tightening forces equal to two standard bolts, whilst simplifying the clamping force distribution and eliminating the need for additional reinforcements in the clamp design. Not only that, but we designed the S3x stem with carbon steerer tubes in mind. An increased steerer tube clamping area reduces stress and deformation of lightweight carbon steerer tubes.

Sizes: 70 to 130 cm. +/- 6 degrees, 31.8 mm handlebars, Black or Red face plates available, Road or MTB applications and NO RIDER WEIGHT LIMIT!


  • ROTOR's four (4) bolt faceplate design for those looking for the ultimate in reliability and ease of mind; at a very low weight to boot.
  • 7075 CNC machined aluminum, 34mm stack height, with Rotor's patented DTT design (Double Thread Technology); a double threaded design which eliminates the need for a head on the bolts.
  • Each end of the bolt has a different thread pitch allowing for numerous technological advances not found on any other stem.
  • Available in 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm lengths.

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