Sarto Dinamica frameset

MSRP : $4,900.00
Price : USD 4,899.00
Sarto brings you the 2015 Dinamica

For 2015 Sarto wanted to make the already menacing Dinamica even faster without sacrificing compliance and balance. Recall the original aim of the Dinamica to be an all-around race weapon - from criteriums and epic one day classics, to even the most casual Gran Fondo rides. From the vastest of flatlands, the steepest of grades, and the most treacherous descent, Dinamica is a bike designed to keep you at the front no matter how long or how hard. In order to optimize their seemingly flawless super bike, Sarto's designers went as far as resculpting each tube and conjoining junction to achieve perfection.

The down tube has more girth to contribute to torsional rigidity. The top tube's shape tapers from an unyielding triangular form at the head tube to a flatter oval at the seat tube to assist with compliance. It's the innovation in the hind quarters of the Dinamica that drew our attention. Sarto wanted to improve lateral stiffness and power transfer in this section of the bike without reducing compliance or vibration dampening. From the bottom bracket you'll find the chainstays dramtically alter in form - ovalized at the bottom bracket to square at the rear drop outs. These are just a handful of the details that demonstrate the lengths that Sarto goes to in order to achieve excellence with their handmade Italian bicycles.

Down tube:
  • The oval section at the Head tube and the round section at the BB, ensure stiffness increased by 15% compared to the previous Dinamica.

Seat Stays:
  • The tube section has increased, allowing for greater stiffness.

  • The Y shape of the brake support provides great vibration absorption.


  • weight: 880g (not ISP and raw)
  • stiffness value: 130 N/mm
  • outer lamination: 3K
  • inner lamination: M46J
  • head tube: 1-1/8" - 1-1/2"
  • Press Fit 86.5 bottom bracket
  • internal brake and gear cables guide
  • tube asymmetrical sections

  • custom made
  • integrated seat tube
  • BB30 - BSA - Press Fit 386 EVO bottom bracket
  • optimization for gear Di2 - EPS or universal system (mechanical/electronic Di2)
  • Head tube: 1" 1/4- 1" 1/2 or 1" 1/2 - 1" 1/2