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Sarto Tenax 650B frameset

MSRP : $5,500.00
Price : USD 5,489.00
The Tenax 27.5 mountain bike with suspension is our newest design for mountain bikers. A standout among leading custom mountain bikes, this revolutionary model is one of the first and finest in its category. In fact, the Tenax 27.5 was an award winner at the 2012 Padova Bike Show in Italy.

Built with tube-to-tube construction and full suspension, without the shock absorber, this frame weighs just 1,850 grams. The “four bar linkage” provides the ultimate performance on the most demanding courses, maintaining an integral balance between responsiveness and shock absorption. Ideal for an aggressive trail rider and a perfect option for the smaller rider, our 27.5 custom mountain bikes deliver a playful ride with precise handling and an optimum fit.