Evoc Bike Travel Bag

MSRP : USD 474.00

Price : USD 474.00



The EVOC Bike Travel Bag is ready for all of your trips by plane, car, train or boat. Better still, your bike can be stowed safely within the bag in just minutes. Only the handlebar, pedals and wheels need to be dismounted. A clever belt system inside the bike bag keeps all parts held firmly in place while the robust padding and rubber reinforcements protect fragile components such as the drivetrain, fork and dropouts. EVOC's reinforced wheel pockets offer enough room for hefty 2.5” downhill tires as well as increased structure to the bag itself. The wide footprint provides stability while the smooth-running wheels and conveniently placed handles make the EVOC Bike Travel Bag very easy and comfortable bike case to use.

For additional protection when transporting road, time-trial, cyclocross, and triathlon bicycles, use our Road Pad Adapter in conjunction with our Bike Travel Bag.


The dimensions of the bike travel bags are designed so that almost any bike model is to easily and safely packaging - whether big downhill bike with dual crown fork, 29er bike or triathlon machine filigree.


The fiberglass rods and plastic pipes are removable so that the Bike Travel Bag can be folded for storage to a height of only 30 cm.


The sensitive areas through meaningful reinforcement elements (hard plastic / PE plates and tubes, foam padding) optimally protected at critical points.

Due to the upright position of the frame in the bag, the resilient areas actively used in the derivation of external pressure bicycle (saddle - Seat Tube - rear; Stem - head tube - Fork).

Wheel bags and emphasis of the frame are in the back of the bag, so shifted to transport the entire focus on the broad, stable position in the chassis. The bike travel bag can be pulled so very easy and a variety of useful placed handles makes handling during loading.

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