Wilier Triestina 101XB 650b frameset

MSRP : USD 2,600.00

Price : USD 999.00



A new Wilier Triestina off-road bike. Aligned with Cross Country’s latest trends, the 101XB features a perfect balance between MTB’s suppleness and 29" wheels speed and smoothness. 650B wheelset on 60 Ton carbon monocoque frame.

Integrated Cable
As in the Cento1 SR and the Cento1 Air, 101XN’s cables are routed into the frame thanks to our special integrated cable guide plate. This solution allows one to run cables inside the frame and to direct them towards the bottom bracket with optimal angling. All this keeps cables away from the frame’s inner walls, preventing annoying noise in harsh conditions.

Asymmetrical Rear-stays
The greatest similarity with the Cento1 road bike lies in its asymmetric rear stays. Let’s recap the important reasons that led us to opt for this rear design solution. The drive-side chain-stay has been molded to ease chain passage and to counteract chain torque. The left side instead follows its own special design for two reasons: to oppose the contextual elongation resulting from the compression of the drive-side chain-stay and to provide room for the post mount lodging which is integrated into the stay.

Press Fit BB Shell
Not limited to the Zero.7, Cento1 SR and Cento1 Air, Wilier has also employed the over-sized bottom bracket on the 101XB. This solution has the power to bestow lateral stiffness to the frame by employing generously sized chain-stays.

Rear Dropouts
Traditional type rear wheel closures are currently usually selected because of their lighter weight. 101XB is able to meet any rear derailleur locking and housing requirements, beginning with thru axles.

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