Wilier Triestina Zero.7 frameset

MSRP : USD 5,000.00

Price : USD 3,999.00



The 2017 Zero.7 is the next evolution of the groundbreaking Zero.7 platform. We have updated the model in terms of weight, design, and function.

At first look, there is a clear reduction of the volume of tubing. We recalled the spirit and feel of our tremendously successful Cento1 platform, creating a “family feeling” or design unity between the two models.

The classically angled top tube and a fully integrated fork both nod towards the most recent evolutions of the Cento1 series.

The virtually longer head tube, a technology also integrated from the Cento1 SR, increases torsional stiffness without sacrificing fit or the legendary Wilier Triestina ride quality.

For improved aerodynamics, we have introduced an integrated fork system. This is a point most brands don’t give priority to when designing a superlight frame. With the 2017 Zero.7 we have managed to reduce both aerodynamic drag and weight.

The 2017 Zero.7 also features redesigned cable routing. For the first time, the Zero.7 platform will feature internal cable routing, with a brand new elegant cable holder on the down tube.

We’ve made the 2-in-1 compatibility cleaner and more intuitive, making a platform that seamlessly integrates both mechanical and electronic groups.

With the 2017 Zero.7 we have introduced new technology and dramatically changed the way we produce the frames.

We still use an internal bladder system to create pressure against the mould from the inside, but instead of leaving the bladder “free” inside the frame, we have introduced an “internal liner” made of a special thermoplastic material, into which the bladder is inserted. This internal liner helps to create a uniform and equal pressure along the inner carbon walls of the frame. With this process, we achieve a clean “polished” finish on the inside wall of the frame.

This is NOT a cheap way to produce a frame, as each individual frame requires its own “inner liner”, which is destroyed each time a frame is produced. This means an additional cost to each mould, but produces a superior & lighter frame.

According to our standard frame building process, this frame still features a main triangle with two left and right “swingarms.”

IF Integrated Fork
The concept of an “integrated fork” is a new idea in the world of super-light frames. Every detail is considered when trying to save weight, but we do not want to lose our legendary ride quality.

We learned from the Cento1SR and Cento1AIR that our longer “virtual headtube” had helped to drastically increase torsional stiffness without sacrificing that ride quality. We could not miss the opportunity to implement this same design into our new Zero.7 platform, while keeping the same very light weight.

On this new frame we have increased torsional stiffness for great ride quality, handling, descending, and fantastic power transfer during sprinting.

IC Integrated Cables
We’ve known for many years that the devil is in the details, and small details can be the difference between a good bike and a great one.

That is why we overlooked no detail in our new integrated cable system. The plug of the rear brake cable has been redesigned by our engineers to hold both the brake cable AND electronic wiring, for a seamless electronic integration system.

We’ve also streamlined our electronic wiring plugs, making them slim and elegant for a clean beautiful finish.

The new plugs weigh almost nothing and they do not disturb the clean lines or design of the frame.

To keep a very light frame we use an integrated cable plate without adjusters. This made the design cleaner, and lighter.

The special design allows a perfect insertion on RD and FD cables, for a smooth, low-friction transition.

The “internal” side of plate is designed to guide cables smoothly into the bottom bracket area.

Even with the cables entering the downtube “inverted”, they will not cross inside the downtube.

The cables will cross on BB area, where our new cable guide has been designed to make this seamless and low-friction.

The cables run perfectly straight, inside the down tube, and they cross “naturally” above BB.

The redesigned cable guide plate is “minimal” to reduce weight, but keep the traditional 3D shape to help shifting performance.

The cables run on 2 different levels, so they do not touch or cause shifting issues.

In inspecting each and every detail for additional weight savings, we also redesigned the rear dropout.

To follow the 2-in-1 compatibility of the new frame design, the new rear dropout is also 2-in-1 compatible.

Following leads from our experience with the Cento1SR and Cento1AIR, we kept the 3D design concept, making this single part stiff and durable.

The design of this frame is, like our other most successful designs, asymmetric, so we took special care in our cable routing to reduce rattle or noises while riding on rough roads.

SEI Special Elastic Infiltrated film
With the debut of the Zero.7, Wilier Triestina introduced an exclusive new technology known as the S.E.I (Special Elastic Infiltrated) Film. This material, which is already widely tested and used in the aeronautical and automotive industries, has been brought to the cycling industry by Wilier Triestina.

The injection of a proprietary viscoelastic film between layers of carbon increases vibration absorption and impact resistance, making for a safer, more comfortable frame. The vibration absorption allows us to used less intermetiate modulus carbon, and more lightweight high-modulus carbon, leading to a lighter stiffer frame without sacrificing any comfort or ride quality.

S.E.I. Film benefits:

  • Increases impact resistance by 35%, making a stronger, safer frame.
  • Increases inter-laminar shear strength by 18%, reducing carbon layer de-lamination.
  • Increases 3 point flexing strength by 12%, improving crack resistance

The BB386EVO system is the next evolution of the oversized bottom bracket concept, which was first introduced by Wilier Triestina in the Cento1 platform.

We have achieved unprecedented stiffness at a crucial point of the frame with an innovative system that can perfectly integrate an ultra-stiff crank into an ultra-stiff frame.

By pushing beyond the limits of the traditional 68mm wide BB30 system, we delivered a wider stiffer bottom bracket, without sacrificing the advantages of a 30mm spindle.

With this in mind, we developed the new standard BB386EVO in collaboration with FSA, which pairs a carbon crank with a 30 mm spindle and a wider 86.5 mm bottom bracket box, resulting in unparralleled performance and stiffness.

  • BB386EVO gives the Zero.7 a significantly stiffer bottom bracket than that of an ordinary BB30 system.
  • The press-fit BB386 system allows for exacting manufacturing tolerances. The bearings are housed in a polymer shell that can be precisely manufactured to press easily into the 46mm diameter frame opening.
  • Through the use of interchangable adapters and bearing configurations, BB386EVO allows for maximum compatibility accross most major crank standards on the market.

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