XLAB Aero TT V2 bottle

MSRP : USD 13.00

Price : USD 13.00


The XLAB Aero TT V2 Bottle was designed to be one of the fastest water bottle in the cycling market.  The Aero TT V2 is constructed of thicker polyethylene to avoid distortion from it's day to day use and to with stand the clamping force of the XLAB Aero TT Hi-Grip carbon cage.  The non clamping surface area is completely covered with non-slip surface and has an 'Easy-Grip' groove which makes it easy to withdraw the bottle form the Hi-Grip Cage.


  • Save up to 20 seconds off 40km TT/Tri
  • 25% Less Drag than round bottles
  • Special XLAB Hi-Grip Deep Pocket cage
  • Material: Taste free. BPA Free Polyethylene
  • Weight: 90g

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