Imagine riding as a top tier professional cyclist, riding day in and out regardless of weather conditions, fatigue. mood, or motivation. Wake up, eat, hydrate, shiver, ride, brutal intervals, vomit, sweat, bonk, collapse, rehydrate, eat, sleep - repeat cycle. After 800,000 kilometers of this lifestyle and having spent countless years as a developer for various bicycle manufacturers, it's finally his turn to design and build the perfect high performance super bike from the ground up.

The Divo ST captures the absolute perfect balance between stiffness, compliance, aerodynamics, and does so all in a lightweight package. Such balance can only be achieved when combining Caucchioli's background with its Italian handcrafted tube-to-tube construction. Every carbon layer,  angle, and tube shape have all been fine tuned to perfection. Available in six sizes. Custom sizing & colors available. 
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Divo ST frameset
USD 5,274.00
Divo STX frameset
USD 5,774.00