Our mission is to offer Riders the highest quality in a specifically tailored frame and bike build that meets each individuals needs to the specific riding that he or she will be conquering.  Each and every customer has a hands on, one on one experience that will ultimately result in their dream bike. By offering this type of partnership between customer and Bormio the riding experience is guaranteed to meet the satisfaction that in the past was only experienced by the riders in the pro peloton. Our mission does not end just with riding; we are continuously working on all areas of cycling that make riding a bike a great experience.

It’s all about the experience. The feel of the bicycle rolling over the black, sun drenched tarmac or pure white gravel accompanied by the wind in your face. Then there is the dread of the next climb or cobble stone section and how hard it will be knowing that in the end, it wasn’t as bad as you thought. You know that the legendary riders, Coppi, Bartoli, Merckx, Hinault, LeMond, all rode with the same passion you have of conquering every ride in their own way, living to tell about them just as you will. Myths and legends were created on the roads by them.

Myths and legends will be created on the roads by you.

Every BORMIO BIKE is a hand-crafted and is thoughtfully assembled and honed by our elite team at Bormio. It is ourcommitment to always go above and beyond for our client.

BORMIO BIKE includes more than just the bike. Our clients enjoy the best in our association with the B1 Bike Fit System, B1 Winter Training System, Training rides and much more. As a Bormio owner all of this is provided at Bormio Team pricing with pro and ex-pro guidance who have the same passion for riding as you do and aren't afraid to share their knowledge and experience with you.

This is why a BORMIO BIKES has a yearly limited frame and bike production run. This makes your ride like the ride of pro riders on the pro tour. A truly intimate experience.

BORMIO BIKES mantra is to provide the best cycling experience which wouldn’t be possible without the service BORMIO guarantee.
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Bormio NV1000 frameset
USD 2,999.00