Sage Skyline frameset

MSRP : USD 3,537.00

Price : USD 3,537.00



Sage’s award-winning road machine, the Skyline, has been hailed as ROAD Magazine’s All-Around Bike of the Year, and the testers at Road Bike Action have bestowed the frame with their Editor’s Choice distinction. “Precise,” “agile,” “terrific craftsmanship” and “titanium rocket” are the phrases of choice from professional testers. But this isn’t just a bike for the cycling media. It’s a sleek and sexy titanium space ship built to inspire the masses.

With a design that blends refined simplicity and outright performance, the Skyline occupies an enviable niche in the cycling world. It climbs mountains as confidently as it rips sinuous descents, and it launches snappy attacks without compromising comfort on all-day adventures. It’s a looker in the showroom that shines even brighter out on the road.

Named after the serpentine Skyline Boulevard that winds along the spine of the West Hills in Portland, Oregon, the bike is built for speed and stability, whether railing through corners or sprinting out of the saddle. It reimagines traditional construction with touches of refinement, blending the class of the past with the performance of the future. The thin-profile tubes nod to the traditional race bike, yet the frame incorporates high-tech touches–like a bi-ovalized down tube, 3/2.5 titanium alloy, compact frame design, and an oversized head tube–combining throwback elegance and top-end performance.

The finer details, like Breezer dropouts, are deliberate selections based on a blend of strength and stability. Sage Titanium’s patented Cable Clip System (US Patent No. 9,545,975) is the pinnacle of this attention to detail. It strives for elegance in the otherwise utilitarian pursuit of drivetrain routing. Use the clip for external mechanical cable routing, or remove it for streamlined internal shifting without extraneous clutter. The lusty shimmer of raw titanium finishes off the Skyline’s show-stopping look. It’s the stuff of dreams for the discerning cyclist. It wows. It rips. It inspires.

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