Mad Fiber 2.0 tubular wheelset

MSRP : $3,200.00
Price : USD 1,999.00
The new road model builds on the ground-breaking engineering of our original wheel offerings, with our carbon-optimized design that takes maximum advantage of carbon fiber’s properties, yielding a single wheelset that’s a front-runner against the lightest, most aerodynamic or strongest available. Like its predecessor, the new wheelset boasts 60mm front/66mm rear rim heights, come with no rider weight restrictions, and tip the scales at a scant 1,050g (tubular) and 1,280g (clincher) per pair. Updates to the new design include:

New rear wheel spoke placement: The re-engineered rear wheel has the left- and right-side spokes intersect at the rim, instead of the previous alternating placement, for significant gains in radial strength and lateral stiffness beyond the already lofty benchmark of the first-generation design. Additional benefits of the new configuration include improved wheel trueness, roundness and dish—and as before, Mad Fiber wheels can NEVER come out of true.

New freehub body design: The new, aluminum freehub body (replacing the titanium White Industries freehub body of the first generation wheels) is 11-speed compatible with all the major brands, remains reverse-compatible to 10-speed cassettes and in some instances even 8- and 9-speed variants. The new freehubs are also interchangeable with each other, so the new-generation wheels can be converted from Campagnolo to Shimano/SRAM, and vice versa, with a simple freehub body swap.

New axle sets: Aluminum axles replace the Cr-Mo steel axles of the first wheels, and are updated to include a locking, more easily adjustable bearing collar – something the mechanics out there will appreciate.

New quick releases: A hollow steel skewer with internal cam and carbon lever replaces the previous external-cam titanium version. The new skewer’s cam configuration offers a tremendous increase in clamping force, with a higher-strength skewer for a more secure hold that reduces lateral flex in the total skewer/axle/wheel system, for improved ride feel and handling precision. It’s still a very light skewer set at 79g, and lighter-weight riders or gram-counters will still be able obtain our previous 44g skewers as aftermarket accessories.

Ceramic Speed™ bearings: Industry-leading Enduro Blue ABEC-3 bearings remain as our standard steel bearing. Ceramic bearing wheels will now feature Ceramic Speed™ bearings, which are also available as an aftermarket upgrade for the stainless bearing-equipped wheels.

Garolite bearing seats: Our previous aluminum bearing seats have been upgraded to Garolite, a fiber-reinforced plastic that enables a superior bond with the wheels’ carbon hubshells, for improved wheel and bearing durability.


NEW: Rear spoke pattern features intersecting spoke technology for increased strength and improved ride feel.
NEW: Color options to complement any bikeNEW: aluminum freehub body – Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11s – OR - Campagnolo 10/11s compatible
NEW: Freehub bodies can be interchanged between Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo
NEW: easily adjustable bearings with locking collarNEW: Stiffer, stronger internal cam skewer with hollow steel shaft.
  • Rim Depth - 60mm front, 66mm rear
  • Spokes - 12 five-ply bladed carbon spokes front, 18 rear
  • Weight – 1,050g/pair
  • Bearings - 6802 front, 6902 & 6802 rear cartridge bearings
  • Warranty - 2 years, with crash replacement policy
  • Rider Weight Limit - None

  • wheel weight (f/r): 426g / 624g
  • rim material: carbon
  • rim (h/w): 60mm/20mm / 66mm/20mm
  • rim type: tubular
  • rim finish: carbon
  • number of spokes (f/r): 12 / 18
  • spokes material: carbon
  • spokes type: aero
  • nipples material: n/a
  • hub material (f/r): carbon
  • hub spacing(f/r): 100mm / 130mm
  • hub bearings: sealed bearings or ceramic bearings
  • hub finish(f/r): carbon
  • cassette type: Campagnolo / Shimano 11
  • cassette compatibility: 9 / 10 / 11