Crank Brothers Candy 11 pedals

MSRP : USD 449.00

Price : USD 449.00


The Crankbrothers Candy 11 Pedals have a lightweight two-piece aluminum body that surrounds the four-sided titanium retention wings on the pedals. It's more durable than the old resin body used on Candy pedals in the past and doesn't really add any extra weight. They also use titanium for the spindle and inner sleeve as well to drop 78 grams from the Candy 3 Pedals.Compared to Eggbeaters, the alloy body on the Candy pedals feels like it gives you a larger and easier-to-hit target when you're trying to engage the pedals in a hurry, and the added support of the larger platform. But just like the Eggbeaters, the Candy 11 Pedals give you 6° of float and come with two-bolt cleats that fit any mountain bike shoes. And they're mud shedding monsters to boot.The brass cleats are slightly asymmetrical. So depending on which foot you install the marked cleat -- right or left, you'll get either a 15° or 20° release angle. Another benefit of Crankbrothers' use of brass for the cleat is that they're slightly softer than the steel used in the retention system of the pedals. This ensures that the inexpensive and easy to replace cleats will wear out before your spendy pedal parts. And thinking of your investment, Crankbrothers designs their pedals to be easily serviced. They can be disassembled, re-greased, and bolted back together in just a few minutes. It must be noted that the Candy 11 does away with the bushings of old. Its Ti spindle spins on smooth running needle and cartridge bearings. Crankbrothers Candy 11 Pedals come with Gold anodized alloy bodies. They include the cleats, two shims to protect your shoes, and all the necessary cleat hardware for installation.Please Note: Crankbrothers recommends a 200lb (90kg) rider weight limit for the Candy 11 Pedals.


  • Aluminum body with 4 main parts made of titanium
  • Max rider weight = 200 lbs (90kg)
  • Small platform: XC/all-mountain/marathon
  • Fully rebuildable and simple to maintain
  • All-Access cleats fit SPD bolt pattern
  • Set of premium brass cleats and shims included

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