KMC x10SL 10 Speed Chain

MSRP : USD 59.00

Price : USD 59.00



KMC does the impossible with their X-SL series of chains by delivering an ultra-smooth and consistent chain in one of the lightest packages available. The KMC X-SL line, and escpecially the gold titanium nitride treated variations, are the crew favorite here at!The hollow pin is riveted according to KMC's new ‘FLAT STEP’ process, sealing the outerplate with an impressive 350 kilo’s of pinpower, making it the strongest chain connection in the industry today.Titanium-Nitride 'Gold' treatment available for an even smoother glide across the drivetrain and prolonged chain life.

  • Weight: 247g (116 links)
  • Width: 5.88mm
  • Finish: Ti-Nitride Gold
  • Compatibility: SRAM 10s / Shimano 10s

  • hollow pins & plates
  • re-usable MissingLink fastening system
  • mushroom-riveting for high pin power
  • double 'X' bridge-shaped chamfered outer plate

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