Northwave Speedplay Adaptor Kit

MSRP : USD 39.00

Price : USD 39.00


Northwave's trick Speedplay cleat adapter will add virtually zero stack height to the system while retaining sole compatibility with traditional three-bolt cleats. The red base plate will eventually be one-piece item, though, lending more support to the middle of the cleat. The Northwave Speedplay Adaptor Kit reduces your stack height from 4mm to .3mm, compared to previous adapters.

  • Just 0.3mm stack height instead of 3mm with normal Speedplay adaptor.
  • Saves 7.5 grams.
  • Still allows natural curved outsole shape and reduces unnecessary weight that some four-hole flat soled Speedplay specific shoes have.
  • The natural outsole shape means the fore or aft cleat positions do not push the pedal further from the foot compared to completely flat 4 hole systems.

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