Prologo Nago Evo TTR Nack saddle

MSRP : USD 270.00

Price : USD 269.00



The Nago Evo TTR Nack is part of the Prologo semi-round shape range of saddles using the Nack, Active Density and Slide Control. All the plus and minus of the round and flat shapes. A good compromise when you are looking for a semi wide seating area for same position riding but still offers comfort if your position changes during the ride.


Nack Tech
Nano carbon fiber rail. Carbon fiber, Kevlar and aluminum filaments seatpost clamp area, treated with the production porcess call Braided Carbon Rail(BDR). This is done in order to obtain "the perfect fusion" and uniformity of the serveral type of fiber and matierials. The result is a balance structure and resistant to penetration.

Active Density
A new solution patented by Prologo that allows a new level of comfort. This system is actually a combination between MULTIPLE STIFFNESS and MULTIPLE DENSITY.

Slide Control
The ultimate system patented by Prologo that allow to keep the correct position on the "specific models" by avoiding sliding forward on the saddle.


  • size: 254mm x 136mm
  • weight: 183g
  • materials
    • base: Carbon Fibre Injection FR 22
    • rail: Nack 10
    • cover: Microfiber
    • padding: Light PU
    • colors: white/black, black/white, black/black

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