Garmin Bar Fly Edge Computer Mount

MSRP : USD 40.00

Price : USD 24.00


This made-in-the-USA accessory mounts your Garmin Edge 200, 500 or 800 in front of your stem, much like an SRM mount. The plastic mount clamps your 31.8mm oversized handlebar right next to the stem. A small Allen socket bolt secures the clamp, with a recommended 1 Newton meter torque spec (in other words, tighten snugly by hand)

Aesthetically, you will like using the Barfly. It puts the Garmin in front of you as your ride. You dont have to look down as far to get a peek at your massive power output or insanely high speed.

The mount is also very secure like Garmin's stock mount, the Barfly does a great job of holding onto your precious electronics over rough roads and trails.

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