tubolito S-Road tube

MSRP : USD 40.00

Price : USD 37.99

stem length*

60mm - 9120077570174


When you’re in a hurry: With only 23 g the super-compact (when rolled up) S-Tubo-Road stands out with its very low rolling resistance which outclasses standard butyl tubes yet is comparable to latex tubes. With its 78 % smaller packing size and the same puncture resistance as standard butyl tubes the S-Tubo-Road is the perfect choice as a spare and can be the crucial factor when you’re riding long and hard. Specifically made for disc brakes (not suitable for rim brakes).

smallest and lightest bicycle tube worldwide
extremely low rolling resistance
same strength as a standard butyl tubes
perfect spare tube
80 mm valve version made of 40 mm plastic valve and 40 mm removable extender

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