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  • Cipollini


    Cipollini offers road bike frames that are truly 100% Made in Italy. NK1K, RB1000, MCM, MCM², Bond, Logos, NKTT, NKTR or Speed, each monocoque carbon frameset was designed to cater different types of riders and terrain, but all have one common goal, EXTREME POWER TRANSFER!

  • Divo


    Imagine riding as a top tier professional cyclist, riding day in and out regardless of weather conditions, fatigue. mood, or motivation. Wake up, eat, hydrate, shiver, ride, brutal intervals, vomit, sweat, bonk, collapse, rehydrate, eat, sleep - repeat cycle. After 800,000 kilometers of this lifestyle and having spent countless years as a developer for various bicycle manufacturers, it's finally his turn to design and build the perfect high performance super bike from the ground up.

    The Divo ST captures the absolute perfect balance between stiffness, compliance, aerodynamics, and does so all in a lightweight package. Such balance can only be achieved when combining Caucchioli's background with its Italian handcrafted tube-to-tube construction. Every carbon layer,  angle, and tube shape have all been fine tuned to perfection. Available in six sizes. Custom sizing & colors available. 

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    Factor Bikes

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    Fifty One

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    Look Cycles

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  • Passoni


    An obsessive attention to detail and a commitment to building the finest racing bikes in the world run deep in the culture of Passoni. Our frame builders have decades on experience crafting frames for bike lovers in all four corners of the world, and from all walks of life. From tradesmen to businessmen; enthusiasts to pro-racers.

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  • Time


  • Wilier Triestina

    Wilier Triestina

    Both Wilier and Triestina were inspired by Italian patriotism following the World Wars. Wilier is an acronym. W is an abbreviation for the word Viva, which means "Long live", beginning the phrase: W l'Italia liberata e redenta - Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed. It is pronounced /Vee'-lee-air/.

    Triestina is pronounced /Tree-es-tee'-na/ and is the Italian equivalent of our English word triestine, which implies related to the Italian city of Trieste on the Adriatic Sea. Following World War II, Trieste and its surrounding coastal area remained part of an occupied free territory while triestine cycling great.

    Inspired by Cottur and Trieste's plight, Dal Molin put together a team with Cottur as leader, calling it Wilier Triestina. The brand's inimitable halberd logo (similar to a fleur-de-lis) was inspired by Trieste's coat of arms. In Autumn 1945, the company assumed the symbolic name. The rest is history.

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    complete bikes

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