Becker Carbon Road Light saddle

MSRP : USD 500.00

Price : USD 499.00


Only 47 gr. is the weight of the Becker saddle that has been developed at the beginning of 2004. The saddle fits onto all common seat posts without any additional accessories.

New is also the comfort which is a result of the elastic property of its construction. Saddles for MTB´s and other special and individual types are on the market since 2005.

Innovative power and many years of experience in working with composite fiber materials have resulted in a patented design saddle concept that has created a new dimension of light-weight carbon components. With Intelligent lightweight carbon and Kevlar design, Becker Carbon has succeeded in achieving a unique spring effect that delivers excellent sitting comfort while keeping weight to a minimum and maintaining maximum durability.

Becker Carbon experience has shown that the durability of their saddles depends exclusively on proper use and handling. Some of Becker Carbon prototype saddles are still being used by Becker Carbon test cyclists even though it's six years since they were introduced. Which eliminates the need for regular replacements (e.g. every two years).

Becker Carbon saddles were developed and successfully tested for cyclists weighing up to a maximum of 85 kilograms competing in tournaments.


Before fitting and/or using the saddle, please read these instructions of use in their entirety. They contain important information about the intended use of your saddle. You should always be aware of the fact that high-quality lightweight products intended for use in competitive sports require a high level of care and an appreciation of the details by their users. We would be happy to help in the event of any inquiries.

Perfect functioning and cycling pleasure will only be achieved if you observe and understand all points set out in these instructions. If necessary, please share this important information with other people who use this saddle.

Not observing the warnings and incorrect use will result in all warranties and liabilities becoming void.

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