Classified PowerShift R35 Wheelset

MSRP : USD 3,000.00

Price : USD 2,999.99


11/34 12sp


POWERSHIFT TECHNOLOGY is a wireless shifting technology that allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load. Its first application is the Powershift hub, which replaces the front derailleur. The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.

The R35 is our go-to road wheel. Perfect for all conditions, it’s lightweight, has a 35mm rim height and internal width of 19mm. It works with tubeless, compatible with 25 - 32mm tires and operates up to a high tire pressure.

No small chainrings.
Avoid 45% higher chain forces. Bigger is better.

No cross chaining.
Increase eficiency by straighter chainlines

No front derailleur.
Significantly reduce aero drag

Instant Shifting
150 milliseconds, that's all it takes

Ultimate Gear Coverage
24 gears, small steps, up to 530% of gearing range

Shifting Under Full Load
Up to 1000 watts

Ultimate Efficiency
Gain efficiency in all conditions

No need to worry about dirt or rain

Competitive weight
Equally light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset

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